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LabAccess Regional split & How to find your data

On December 02, 2023 the LabAccess website will begin a phased split into geographic regions with the first phase creating a unique Asia-Pacific version of the site.

Each site will only contain data reported from Eurofins Laboratories located within that region. If you do business with Eurofins Laboratories spanning multiple geographic regions, you will have to select the region corresponding to the Lab which performed the testing that you want to access.

The URLs for LabAccess will have slight changes to include a regional prefix. You may have to update bookmarked links to ensure you are going to your primary region. If you previously whitelisted URLs to use LabAccess, you may need your IT team to whitelist additional URLs for the new region.

for more details on whitelisting.

Your login credentials will not change as part of this split, but you will need to ensure you select the appropriate instance of LabAccess for the data you are looking to access.

Asia Pacific Region includes data reported from the following Laboratories:

  • Eurofins Analytical Science Laboratories, Inc.
  • Eurofins ams Laboratories (Brisbane)
  • Eurofins ams Laboratories (Sydney)
  • Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing NZ Ltd
  • Eurofins Dermatest
  • Eurofins Chemical Analysis Pty Ltd

Global Region

  • All other Eurofins Laboratories are available in the Global region

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